He mentioned that a few weeks Saad was arrested. “ Sorry, only don’t buy it. “ In a different charlene Keys, Hamid mentioned the ante was increased by the Egyptian media having a state Obama’s brother is affiliated with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. “ It was not immediately clear why authorities arrested el Shater’s 2-3 – year old son. For hard-hitting comment that is conservative , please see with the Conservative Firing Point, Joe’s blog .

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A place at the Fire Andrea Mitchell that is conservative states the claim is too farfetched to be believable. “ In case you lost it, ‘ liberal’ Egyptian paper has front page headline asserting Obama as full-on member of Muslim Brotherhood international, “ he tweeted. Connected: Overpass protest demands Obama’s impeachment Allen West: Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Obama government President Obama Linked to Muslim Brotherhood ‘ Let’s Move 2013′ to stage nationwide protests on Constitution Day Oped says Obama must be impeached over Benghazi, exploitation of energy Obama angers many with reference to ‘ my armed forces’ — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – – You can follow Joe on Twitter @ jnewby 1956, see and enjoy his Facebook page, or subscribe to get email updates when a new post is published, in case you like this informative article . According to a Fox News report, the arrest appears to have been connected to the leader. I just don’t feel buy papers it and would not till I buy papers see evidence, “ the site buy papers said. According to Shoebat, the individual intimidating to release “ documents “ on Obama seems to be Saad al – Shater, the son of former Islamic Brotherhood presidential nominee, Khairat al – Shater. Subsequently newspaper ups the bet, declaring Obama himself is M B member and his sibling is AQ, “ he tweeted.

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A place at Weasel Zippers wasn’t quite as generous, saying the information “ would surely describe Obama’s mysterious support for the Brotherhood. Officials merely mentioned Friday that authorities had arrested Saad el – Shater and that he had threatened to release documents supposedly showing ties between his dad and U.S. You can also locate Joe’s posts at Right News Now, Tea-Party Tribune, Independence Unyielding . President Barack Obama. “ Several reports from Arabic sources suggested that Saad had mentioned his daddy had files that were very damaging to Barack Obama, “ Shoebat said. “ On Express TV, they say Obama’s buddy is M B investor. Officials failed to elaborate, “ Fox said in late July. If this were not false , then release the darn ‘ documents’ currently.

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